The number of foreign guests who visit Odessa is increasing every day. In that regard, there is a growing need in interpretation and translation services. Our company provides such kinds of services at reasonable prices. Everyone on the team is a highly qualified and experienced specialist. Our staff consists of communicative, helpful and well-mannered people. Working with customers, our interpreters and translators respect a strict confidentiality policy.


Price of Interpreting Services (only English)

1. The cost of interpreting services for 1- 2 hours -$ 25 per hour

2. The cost of interpreting services for 3 hours a day -$ 50

3. The cost of interpreting services for 5 hours a day -$ 95

If you are interested in interpreting services for a longer period than 5 hours a day, or you would like to book this services for several days, contact our manager. The cost of the order will be calculated at special, lower prices.

For booking this service you should make a prepayment of $ 25. In the case of cancellation the prepayment is not refundable.

Translation cost (English, French, German, Spanish ) is calculated on the basis of an estimate page containing 1000 characters. The price depends on the language and the translation complexity. Our manager will provide you with the answers on the issues of cost and deadlines. The services can be picked up for your individual wishes and requirements.

Complete the quote form and specify your wishes. Our manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible, answer your questions and help you to place an order.