Criminal Odessa

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Cost of the tour in English (group of 1-4 travellers) - $ 90

The tour cost includes a tour guide services and the transport costs.

Criminals stole and robbed in Odessa neither more than in any other city nor less. But they did it in Odessa with a special “chic”. So a lot of legends, myths and other literary works were devoted to Odessa burglars. You can learn about exciting acts of famous Odessa criminals in the tour “Criminal Odessa”.

After the Turkish fortress Hadzibey was captured by the Russian troops and Ukrainian Cossacks, it was decided to build here a city and a port. And a lot of people with questionable past and even present invaded the city. Talented people have always lived in Odessa. But their talents were not always noble. In this tour you can find out about such famous crooks as Sonka-the Gold Hand, Mishka Yaponchik, Osip Shor and Carabas. These and other swindlers have written some interesting pages into Odessa history.

During the excursion you will visit our prison castle, attend the customs, Shevchenko Park (fortress wall) and Quarantine Harbour. You can also see the Mountain Chumka, one of the most mysterious and saddest Odessa symbols. But the real drama will happen in Moldavanka, in the criminal “womb” of Odessa, where you can find Mishka Yaponchik’s home (well-known boss of Odessa mafia), theft academy. And you will definitely pass along Myasoedovskaya Street.

 And, certainly, the photo shoot at the Gotsman monument is a must do!


Mysteries of Odessa Catacombs

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Cost of the tour in English (a group of 1-4 travellers) - $ 120

The tour cost includes a tour guide services and the transport costs.

This excursion is one of the most popular tours. Experienced tourists claim that not to visit Odessa catacombs is the same as to come to Paris and not to climb the Eiffel Tower .

Catacombs consist of some types of underground cavities. As a rule they are underground quarries.

Besides quarries catacombs include military bunkers, underground passages, drainage tunnels, cellars for various purposes, storm sewer tunnels, water wells, tanks and natural coves.

The length of catacombs is about 2.5 thousand kilometers. Under the supervision of experienced caving instructor, you will go along the tour route only 850 metres, however, it will be enough for you to get a sense of underground life.

You will see such things there, about which you even had no idea until today.

  • undeground bunker from the times of the “cold war”, which has the 4th protection level and could fit 1200 people
  • remains of animals with the average age of 3.5 million years. Some of buried animals were unique and didn’t have any other habitat in the whole world.
  • underground lakes with a wide range of tiny living things, which are little-known by modern biology. Their harmlessness has already been proven.
  • real criminal “caches” of burglers from Moldavanka
  • a top secret Odessa partisan group disappeared in this very part of Odessa catacombs. The real events of those times are covered with gloom of secret. And we know that only 1fighter of 32 came out of the ground.
  • You can observe the rubbles, so called “wild” catacombs.
  • You will visit quarries and find out about quarrying limestone-shell rocks which were used for the building of the “old” city.

It is really the most unique tour in Odessa!

Tour duration - 2 hours underground.

You will need comfortable shoes: a pair of trainers or walking boots. Helmets and torches are included and will be given at the beginning of the excursion. The temperature in catacombs is +11-+14 degrees C all year round, so you must be dressed appropriately: it can be a tracksuit or a pair of old jeans and a sports jacket. The essential element of clothes is a headgear (a cap, a hat or a headscarf) for dust protection. Difficulty level is mild extreme.


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