The best way to feel the unique Odessa atmosphere and to experience its local colour is to stay in the very center of the city. Every building here is an architectural monument and has its own history.

You can stay in an expensive hotel or choose a clean, cosy apartment at more reasonable cost. Our site provides you with a great selection of really affordable apartments for rent. With us you can avoid huge overpayments.


The size of the rent depends on the rental period (number of days) and rental season (depends on which month you are going to visit Odessa).

The apartments from the owners are offered for your consideration.

All the apartments are newly modernized, well furnished and have all necessary facilities for comfortable stay. The flats are located in central historical part of Odessa. Restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, museums, parks and the beach are all within a 10 minute walk.

Renting conditions

1. Before checking-in a Short-Term Rent Contract is signed. This Contract governs relationship between the apartment host and the renter. The Contract should indicate the passport data of the parties to the contract, the address and characteristics of the chosen apartment for rent, check-in and check-out terms, all the flat amenities and equipment, the size of prepayment as well as the size of security deposit and conditions of its repayment.

2. Security deposit for an apartment for rent is almost always mandatory. The size of the security deposit is $100.

3. Upon expiry of the contract after successful checking-out, a client recovers his security deposit ,in full.

4. The minimal period of apartment renting is 3 nights.

You can choose an apartment, indicate the dates of booking and get a quote. After the confirmation of your order by an apartment Owner you should make a prepayment and can be sure, that on the chosen check-in date a spare , prepared for checking-in room will wait for You.

Exclusive and luxury apartments in Odessa

We serve all foreign guests and national tourists who decide to go on a trip to Odessa and want to settle only in the exclusive and luxury apartments in Odessa.

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