Car rental is freedom and comfort!

We provide a wide range of vehicles for rent: different models from economy to VIP classes.

All the cars are in excellent condition and are systematically inspected by high qualified technicians.


Car renting conditions

1. A renter should be over 23. If the age of the client is between 20 and 23, the rental deposit increases by 2 times.

2. Driving experience is more than 2 years.

3. To make a car rental contract a foreign customer should have national passport and international driving license.

4. The driver has to be in possession of a valid driving license, which confirms his right to operate the rented car of chosen category.

5. The minimal period of car renting is 24 hours.

6. The daily mileage is limited up to 300 kilometres.

7. A customer receives a clean vehicle with a full tank.

8. A customer should return a clean rented car with a full tank, too.

9. With a car rental payment a customer should pay a deposit (pledge), the size of which depends on the car class. Upon expiry of the contract after successful delivery the hired car, a client recovers his deposit (pledge), in full.

10. A client may use the rented car all over the territory of Ukraine, excluding Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. It is forbidden to drive our cars outside Ukraine.

Your rental includes

1. Basic insurance

2. 24h support

Additional paid services

1. Navigation system-GPS -$ 4 per day

2. Internet Wi-Fi - $ 4 per day

3. Baby\child seat - $ 4 per day

4. Delivery of a rented car at any address within city limits at any preferable time -$ 25

5. Collection of a rented car at any address within city limits at any preferable time -$ 25

6. Booking the vehicle with full car insurance Super Top Cover LDW (a customer does not take any responsibility in a case of a rented automobile damage). In this case, a customer booking a car rental does not pay a deposit.

Making a contract, a renter pays a deposit as a guarantee amount for covering fuel and car wash costs:

   -for economy class automobile - $ 50

   -for middle and higher class automobile -$ 100

If the hired car is returned clean and with a full tank, the customer gets back his guarantee amount in full.

Super Top Cover LDW is not available while renting a vehicle of premium class.

The insurance cost depends on the class and the model of the car. Consult our manager.

Fines and compensations

1. In case the mileage limit is exceeded, every next kilometer is paid additionally ($ 0,20)

2. In case the rented car is returned with not a full tank, a charge of $ 1,20 per liter of fuel will apply.

3. In case of returning a dirty car a charge of $10,00 for washing will apply.

Car hire in Odessa from economy to VIP classes will allow you to comfort get from the airport or station to the hotel or apartment.

In addition, will give the opportunity to travel around the city in comfortable cars.  Car hire in Odessa from economy to VIP classes - this is an opportunity to be on time where you want:

  • In the restaurant
  • In the mall
  • In the opera house
  • In the yacht club